Sunderland, my home town, is synonymous with the production of lustre decorated pottery. Lustreware was produced throughout the British Isles, especially Wales, although primarily in the north east of England. The term 'Sunderland Lustre' is now used generically to describe all lustre finished pottery from this part of the country, sorry Newcastle...


Domestic items, bowls, mugs and chamber pots were produced in the hundreds of thousands right up until the 1930s, they were richly decorated in pink, orange and yellow lustre with transfer decorations overpainted individually adding to their individual appeal.


Dixon & Co, Garrison Pottery, Ball's, Scott's, Moore's, Maling, Sherif Hill, St Anthony's and Ford's, amongst others,  all produced exceptional, highly collectable pottery.

Maritime Jug - Garrison
Circa 1860-70
£ 250.00
Moore's Sunderland  Jug
Circa 1820 -30
£ 775.00
Rare Frog Mug - Seaham
Circa 1840
£ 375.00
Scott Maritime Jug
Circa 1850-75
£ 350.00
Scott's- Jug
Circa 1850-60
£ 325.00